Innovation on Industrial Batteries

Lithium Batteries for Lead Replacement RKL

RKL is the Lithium (LiFePO4) battery series from Rekoser. RKL series offer lead acid replacements, batteries for bikes and motorbikes, golf cart batteries, energy storage systems and battery packs for many other applications.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) RKL-ESS

RKL-ESS is the Lithium (LiFePO4) Energy Storage Systems series from Rekoser.

Traction Lithium Batteries RKL-T

RKL-T is the Lithium (LiFePO4) battery series for Traction from Rekoser. RKL series offer lead acid replacement batteries for forklifts.

Custom Lithium Battery Packs

We design and manufacture custom Lithium (LiFePO4) battery packs from 3.2V to 900V and from 4 Ah to 3000Ah, for several applications: Electric Bikes, Electric Motorcycles, UPS, Golf trolley, Forklift Trucks, Marine applications, Solar energy storage, etc.


Rekoser is a manufacturer of quality and reliable Batteries, Inverters, Solar controllers, Solar Panels, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Streetlights, Solar Kits and other solar products.

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