Custom Lithium Battery Packs

We design and manufacture custom Lithium (LiFePO4) battery packs from 3.2V to 900V and from 4 Ah to 3000Ah, for several applications: Electric Bikes, Electric Motorcycles, UPS, Golf trolley, Forklift Trucks, Marine applications, Solar energy storage, etc.

Custom Lithium Battery Packs

Design and manufacture of battery packs. The best quality at the best price.

Design of packs with Li-ion technology (Ni-Co-Mn)

Use of cylindrical batteries 18650-3.6V or 26650-3.6V or prismatic.

Design of packs with LiFePO4 (Li-Iron) technology.

Use of cylindrical batteries 18650-3.2V or 26650-3.2V, 32650-3.2V or prismatic.

Design and manufacture of battery packs.

Design and manufacture of electronics. Security and communications.

Design of PCB / PCM / BMS

Electronics adapted to the requirements of the system and the battery technology chosen, paying attention to the balancing of the cells, protection of the circuit, etc.

Development of monitoring systems

Integration with devices as well as error reporting, load conditions, autonomy time, temperature, voltage, current, etc.

Embedded charger design

With built-in chargers designed to increase battery life.

Embedded firmware development

Firmware developed to fit the embedded system.

Interface development

LED screens, LCD, custom applications, etc.

Design and manufacture of electronics.

Custom look and feel It fits your needs.


Custom labeling so that you are always in control of your supply chain.

Shrink wrap, plastic or metal casing

We adapts the pack case to your system's needs.

Custom look and feel

Ask us for a quote!

Please let us know the following: Application, Voltage, Capacity, Load power, Charge current, Max continuous discharge current, Max peak discharge current, Dimension restrictions (if you have), Enclosure material (shrink wrap, ABS plastic, metal enclosure (normal or rack).

We will offer you the best solution!

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