[Post] What is the Solar Pumping

[Post] What is the Solar Pumping

Feb 26, 2016. | By: José González

In this post we explain the keys and the opportunities of the Solar Pumping (you can get a quick picture in this infographic).

Solar pumping uses of photovoltaic solar panels as an energy source for pumping water to a tank, raft, or for direct drip irrigation systems.

We have two types:

Direct solar pumping

The controller and the batteries are removed , replacing the inverter on the other cheaper. This reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. A change can only be pumped during the day, so in some installations it is necessary to store water in a tank, which would make the battery function .

Conventional solar pumping

Is composed of panels , controller, batteries , inverter (if ac) and the pump.

Photovoltaic panels convert energy from sunlight into electrical energy in the form of direct current, this current flows to the submersible pump in the well water . Inside the pump , the control system that optimizes the energy supplied by photovoltaic panels , this electric current adapted to power the motor which moves the pump. The motor drives the pump that pushes water out of the well and finally, this water is distributed for its use.

The main advantages of a solar pumping system are:

  • They do not depend on the existence of an electricity distribution network to be put into operation.
  • It does not contaminate the environment.
  • They are a cheaper solution.
  • Simple, does not require the use of batteries.
  • Long life of its components.
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Finally, users of the solar pumping solution would be:

  • Agricultural irrigation.
  • Water supply in rural areas (drinking water , swimming pools … ) .