Smart Solutions for Renewable Energy as innovation driver

Smart Solutions for Renewable Energy as innovation driver

May 3, 2015. | By: José González

Almost 6 years after the publication of Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation we see that Smart Solutions for Renewable Energy are a perfect example where the internet and energy management meet in order to put together all those 5 steps the author mentioned.

To sum up the five stages of change that a company should go through in order to incorporate the sustainability as a core goal of corporate innovation.

  1. Viewing Compliance as Opportunity It’s smarter to comply with the most stringent rules, and to do so before they are enforced. This yields substantial first-mover advantages in terms of fostering innovation.

  2. Making Value Chains Sustainable The drive to be more efficient extends from manufacturing facilities and offices to the value chain.

  3. Designing Sustainable Products and Services Businesses can score over rivals by being the first to redesign existing products or develop new ones.

  4. Developing New Business Models Rethinking the customer value proposition and figuring out how to deliver a new one delivering and offering services in tandem with other companies.

  5. Creating Next-Practice Platforms Sustainability can lead to interesting next-practice platforms.

Becoming environment-friendly lowers costs because companies end up reducing the inputs they use. In addition, the process generates additional revenues from better products or enables companies to create new businesses.

We see that Smart Solutions will allow companies, utilities and households to optimize the energy use of any device, machinery, building equipments, through meters, sensors, and applications. Smart Cities and Smart Rural Developments, Sustainable Building, Self-consumption households are being the current developments where innovation is being driven by sustainability.