NiCd RKF1.2-40 (1.2V 40AH) ( 40Ah @ 5HR)

40Ah @ 5HR NiCd Battery

40Ah @ 5HR Rekoser Rekoser fibre structure nickel-cadmium battery. Very high currents allowed by discharge and charge with only a small nominal capacity required. Savings in volume and weight are significant. Electro-lyte replacement of the batteries is not necessary. Typical applications: emergency power supplies, switchboards and energy storage.

 40Ah @ 5HR NiCd Battery
Rekoser Rekoser nicd-battery RKF0120400 NiCd RKF1.2-40 (1.2V 40AH) NiCd RKF1.2-40 (1.2V 40AH) 40Ah @ 5HR NiCd Battery
Capacity (25ºC)40Ah @ 5HR
Internal Resistance Approx.0.02 Ω
Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at 20°C
Capacity Affected by Temperature102% (40°C)100% (25°C)85% (0°C)65% (-15°C)
Charge Voltage (25°C)Cycle - 1.0-1.2VFloat - 1.40-1.45V
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (mm) 141mmx71mmx260mm(295mm)
Weight (kgs) 4Kg
Component Raw Material
Positive Nickel oxide-hydroxide
Negative Cadmium
Container ABS/PP
Cover ABS/PP
Sealant -
Safety Valve Rubber
Terminal Nickel- Clad Steel
Separator -
Electrolyte Potassium Hydroxide
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
1.14 V103.5A94.05W71.55A50.4W25.65A22.05W13.5A7.55W
1.10 V121.5A103.5W78.75A60.75W30.15A24.75W13.95A7.775W
1.0 V164.25A139.5W108A86.4W36.9A27.45W14.4A8W

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