RKE12-110 (12V 110Ah )

12V 110Ah AGM Battery for General Purpose

12V 110Ah Rekoser AGM Battery. Rekoser stationary series, general use, has been specially designed to optimize its life and quality, minimizing maintenance and maximizing self discharge of their properties for longer storage. RKE series is ideal for security and alarm systems, UPS systems,emergency light systems and other small backup applications.

12V 110Ah  AGM Battery for General Purpose
Rekoser Rekoser agm-battery RKE1201100 RKE12-110 RKE12-110 12V 110Ah AGM Battery for General Purpose
Nominal Voltage12V
Capacity (25ºC)110Ah @ 10HR105Ah @ 20HR
Internal Resistance Fully Charged 25 m Ω
Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at 20°C
Cell number6 cells
Capacity Affected by Temperature102% (40°C)100% (25°C)85% (0°C)65% (-15°C)
Charge Voltage (25°C)Cycle - 14.6-14.8V (-30mV/C), max. Current 2.1AFloat - 13.6-13.8V (-20mV/C)
Max. Charge Current30A
Max. Discharge Current800A
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (mm) 395x110x285(285)
Weight (kgs) 32.5
Component Raw Material
Positive Lead dioxide
Negative Lead
Container ABS (Flame Retardant Optional)
Cover ABS (Flame Retardant Optional)
Sealant Epoxy Resin
Safety Valve Rubber
Terminal Copper
Separator Fibre Glass
Electrolyte Sulphuric acid
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
9.60 V178A1953W108A1210W68.2A777W28.1A330W19.6A232W11.2A134W5.88A70.5W
10.02 V174A1906W106A1185W67.2A776W27.9A328W19.5A231W11.2A133W5.87A70.4W
10.20 V167A1836W102A1149W65.5A746W27.7A326W19.4A229W11.1A133W5.85A70.2W
10.50 V162A1773W99.9A1121W64.2A732W27.5A323W19.3A228W11.1A132W5.82A69.8W
10.80 V153A1680W96.3A1080W62.2A709W26.7A314W18.7A221W11.0A131W5.78A69.3W

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