Rekoser manufactures lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, lead acid batteries VRLA AGM, AGM deep cycle, GEL deep cycle, OPzS, OPzV, Traction, Lead Carbon and NiCd batteries for all sort of applications.


Rekoser manufactures pure sine wave inverters for solar applications: off-grid, on-grid and hybrid 1 phase and 3 phase.


Rekoser manufactures MPPT and PWM solar charge controllers for all your solar applications.


Rekoser manufactures polycrystalline, monocrystalline and flexible solar panels from 5Wp to 360Wp.


Rekoser manufactures UPS for industrial applications.

Solar Water Pumps

Rekoser manufactures Submersible, Surface, Sewage and Swimming Pool Solar Water Pumps with controller, water level sensor and cable for solar panel.

Battery Chargers

Rekoser manufactures battery chargers for lead acid batteries and lithium batteries. High quality, stable, smart, portable and efficient battery chargers for forklifts, eBoats, eBikes, golf carts, electric motorcycles, electric sweepers, and more applications. Custom battery chargers can be made.

Battery Monitoring System

Rekoser manufactures battery monitoring systems for lead acid batteries and lithium batteries. Its solutions combine the advanced technology with patented for the most thorough stationary battery health analysis.