Understanding Lead Acid Batteries

Understanding Lead Acid Batteries

Jan 9, 2015. | By: Fran Lupión

Large lead-acid design formats are widely used for storage in solar systems, power backups, hospitals and stand-alone power systems. The most common battery types used in solar installations are AGM, Flooded and Gel Lead Acid Batteries.

However, when it comes to decide which lead acid technology should be used in our solar system, it’s easy to get stuck with a endless list of parameters that we need to understand in order to be able to compare, decide and buy.

The most common parameters which describe the real world capacity of lead acid batteries whether they are AGM, Flooded or Gel. This post is going to point to certain well known resources that describe such parameters:

Coulombs (C rating) - batteryuniversity.com

Amp Hours (AH) - capnfatz.com

Hour rating (HR) - batterystuff.com

Hopefully after understanding the information present on those resources the reader can figure out the real world behaviour of Lead Acid Batteries.

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