REKOSER OPzV RKV2-800 (2V 800AH)

Rekoser OPzV Battery

Rekoser Rekoser OPzV battery. The RKV series adopts an Immobilized Gel and Tubular Positive Plate technology. It offers high reliability and stable performance. By using die-casted positive grid and patented active material formula, it exceeds the DIN standard values and offer 20+ years design life in float service. It is very suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions. This series is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.

Rekoser Rekoser opzv-battery RKV0208000
gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200.png gel_battery_2v_800ah_rkv2-800_terminal.png
Capacity (25ºC) 800Ah @ 10HR
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.31mOhm (fully charged @ 20°C)
Self Discharge Approx. 2% per month @ 20°C
Capacity Affected by Temperature 102% (40°C) 100% (25°C) 85% (0°C) 65% (-15°C)
Charge Voltage (25°C) Cycle - 2.35-2.40V (-5mV/ºC/cell) Float - 2.25-2.29V (-3mV/ºC/cell)
Max. Charge Current 160A
Max. Discharge Current 2000A
Dimensions (mm) 191mmx210mmx646mm(681mm)mm
Approx. Weight 58.5Kg
CHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf1.png
DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTIC 25oC gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf2.png
SELF DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf3.png
FLOAT VOLTAGE VS FLOAT LIFE gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf4.png
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
F.V / Time 10MIN 15MIN 30MIN 1HR 3HR 5HR 10HR
1.90 V 289A 558W 281A 544W 263A 511W 221A 433W 158A 314W 117A 234W 69A 139W
1.85 V 453A 846W 415A 779W 357A 675W 281A 537W 187A 364W 135A 265W 75.8A 151W
1.80 V 591A 1075W 536A 980W 432A 797W 341A 637W 207A 395W 141A 271W 80.0A 154W
1.75 V 626A 1122W 588A 1059W 507A 922W 372A 684W 213A 400W 143A 272W 81.2A 156W
1.70 V 682A 1204W 646A 1147W 557A 999W 393A 713W 217A 403W 146A 274W 82.7A 158W