Rekoser OPzV Battery

Rekoser Rekoser OPzV battery. The RKV series adopts an Immobilized Gel and Tubular Positive Plate technology. It offers high reliability and stable performance. By using die-casted positive grid and patented active material formula, it exceeds the DIN standard values and offer 20+ years design life in float service. It is very suitable for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions. This series is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and other harsh environment applications.

Rekoser Rekoser opzv-battery RKV0206000
gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200.png gel_battery_2v_600ah_rkg2-600_terminal.png
Nominal Voltage 2V
Capacity (25ºC) 600Ah @ 10HR
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.63mOhm (fully charged @ 20°C)
Self Discharge Approx. 2% per month @ 20°C
Capacity Affected by Temperature 102% (40°C) 100% (25°C) 85% (0°C) 65% (-15°C)
Charge Voltage (25°C) Cycle - 2.35-2.40V (-5mV/ºC/cell) Float - 2.25-2.29V (-3mV/ºC/cell)
Max. Charge Current 120A
Max. Discharge Current 2000A
Dimensions (mm) 145mmx206mmx646mm(681mm)mm
Approx. Weight 42Kg
CHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf1.png
DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTIC 25oC gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf2.png
SELF DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf3.png
FLOAT VOLTAGE VS FLOAT LIFE gel_battery_2v_1200ah_rkv2-1200_graf4.png
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
F.V / Time 10MIN 15MIN 30MIN 1HR 3HR 5HR 10HR
1.90 V 220A 425W 214A 414W 200A 389W 168A 330W 120A 239W 88.9A 178W 52.5A 106W
1.85 V 345A 644W 316A 593W 272A 514W 214A 409W 142A 277W 103A 202W 57.7A 115W
1.80 V 450A 819W 408A 746W 329A 607W 260A 485W 158A 320W 107A 206W 60.0A 120W
1.75 V 477A 854W 448A 806W 386A 702W 283A 520W 162A 304W 109A 207W 61.8A 120W
1.70 V 519A 917W 492A 873W 424A 761W 299A 543W 165A 607W 111A 209W 63.0A 121W