REKOSER NiCd RKF12-700 (12V 700AH)

Rekoser NiCd Battery

Rekoser Rekoser fibre structure nickel-cadmium battery. Very high currents allowed by discharge and charge with only a small nominal capacity required. Savings in volume and weight are significant. Electro-lyte replacement of the batteries is not necessary. Typical applications: emergency power supplies, switchboards and energy storage.

Rekoser Rekoser nicd-battery RKF1207000
nicd_battery_12v_rkf12.png nicd_battery_12v_rkf12_terminal.png
Nominal Voltage 12V
Capacity (25ºC) 715Ah @ 5HR
Internal Resistance Approx. 0.00034-0.00036 Ω
Self Discharge >=120Ah 1 month
Cell number 10 cells of 1.2V
Charge Voltage (25°C) Cycle - 1.0-1.2V Float - 1.38V +-0.01V
Dimensions (mm) 202mmx209mmx405mm(405mm)mm
Approx. Weight 25.2Kg
CYCLES VS DOD nicd_battery_12v_rkf12_graf.png
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
F.V / Time 1SEC 5SEC 1MIN 5MIN 30MIN 1HR 3HR 5HR 10HR
1.14 V 1216A 1095A 922A 696A 415A 377A 213A 140A 71.3A
1.10 V 1565A 1367A 1086A 842A 507A 459A 228A 142A 72.9A
1.05 V 1829A 1578A 1289A 1029A 615A 544A 235A 143A 73.8A
1.00 V 2263A 1907A 1505A 1212A 704A 596A 236A 143A 74.0A