REKOSER GEL RKG2-2500 (2V 2500AH)

Rekoser Gel Deep Cycle Batteries

Rekoser Rekoser Gel battery. RKG Series provides superior performance in both high cycling and floating applications. By combining the newly developed Nano Gel electrolyte with high density paste, the RKG series offers high recharge efficiency at very low charge current. The acid stratification is highly reduced by adding Nano Gel. It is suitable for off-grid photovoltaic, wind or hydro power application.

Rekoser Rekoser gel-battery RKG0225000
awaiting.png gel_battery_2v_2500ah_rkg2-2500_terminal.png
Capacity (25ºC) 2500Ah @ 10HR
Internal Resistance Fully Charged 0.15 m Ω
Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at 20°C
Cell number 6 cells
Capacity Affected by Temperature 102% (40°C) 100% (25°C) 85% (0°C) 65% (-15°C)
Charge Voltage (25°C) Cycle - 2.35-2.40V (-5mV/C) Float - 2.25-2.29V (-3mV/C)
Max. Charge Current 500A
Max. Discharge Current 7000A
Dimensions (mm) 490mmx350mmx345mm(382mm)mm
Approx. Weight 138Kg
CHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_12v_100ah_rkg12-100_graf1.png
DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_12v_100ah_rkg12-100_graf2.png
SELF DISCHARGE CHARACTERISTICS gel_battery_12v_100ah_rkg12-100_graf3.png
LIFE CHARACTERISTIC OF CYCLIC USE gel_battery_12v_100ah_rkg12-100_graf4.png
Constant Discharge Ratings (A, W) at 25ºC
F.V / Time 30MIN 1HR 3HR 5HR 10HR 20HR
1.80 V 1929A 3607W 1313A 2495W 594A 1164W 414A 816W 250A 488W 126A 252W
1.75 V 2002A 3744W 1355A 2575W 612A 1200W 427A 842W 252A 491W 127A 254W
1.70 V 2052A 3837W 1382A 2627W 616A 1208W 430A 847W 253A 494W 128A 255W
1.65 V 2117A 3958W 1418A 2695W 621A 1216W 433A 853W 254A 495W 128A 256W
1.60 V 2160A 4039W 1440A 2736W 624A 1224W 436A 858W 254A 496W 128A 257W